Frequently Asked Questions

Luxury 4 Less is a travel agency specializing in mileage tickets for discounted first and business class air travel. We are usually thousands of dollars (pounds and euros) cheaper than the retail price.

L4L has contracts with many major corporations and manufacturers that purchase their supplies through credit card, thus accumulating millions of frequent flyer miles. The corporations and manufacturers then sell these miles to L4L. Subsequently, L4L resells those miles to their customers as first and business class award air tickets.

Yes. Although the airlines may be displeased with this kind of activity, as they lose thousands of dollars on each award ticket purchased; it is 100% legal. Any rightfully earned personal or business miles, may be redeemed however the owner sees fit. Major airlines would benefit by having the customers accumulate miles and then simply having them expire. See this article: Curves in the Road to Redeeming Miles.

No. When miles are used to purchase economy/coach tickets, they do not end up being cheaper. In fact, purchasing economy/coach tickets on frequent flyer miles may sometimes be more expensive than when purchased regularly.

A: Mileage ticket rules are as follows:

  • Tickets once issued are non-refundable, however they can be changed for up to 12 months from the date of issue.
  • Name changes are not permitted.
  • Date changes are based on award availability and carry a penalty of up to $350 USD ($350 is the maximum; we can sometimes get it for cheaper and occasionally – with some airlines – waive it altogether).
  • Once the trip has begun only date and time changes are permitted.
  • Changes to routing are only permitted before the trip has begun. Route changes are permitted as long as you are still within the same IATA zone (an IATA zone is usually a continent i.e. you can change from one European city to another, but not from a European city to an Asian city).
  • Our tickets do not qualify to earn frequent flyer miles. This is the one and only difference between our tickets and the regular retail priced ones.

Booking with L4L is quick and easy. Simply fill out the form on booking page. Be as specific as possible about your itinerary, preference for airlines and special in-flight services you might need. L4L makes every effort to respond within 24 hours.

Since these tickets are award/mileage seats the earlier you book the better. This is how it works - every airline releases between 6-9 award seats on each of their flights, in each class. The seats can be booked with miles as early as 12 months in advance.

Unfortunately, you do not earn miles on award/mileage tickets. That is the one and only difference between these tickets and the usual retail tickets that would cost you 50-70% more.

Our goal is to answer yes to this; however, realistically it is not always possible. For example, if there is a published retail fare on Expedia of $2,500 USD roundtrip from Boston to Zurich in business class we have no way of competing with this.

We serve clients anywhere in the world. We have made happy passengers all over the globe from USA & Canada to Europe, Brazil and all major countries in APAC.